All about juice

Drinking fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juice is a way to get easily absorbed nutrients into the body while still living in the fast lane and, when rapidly eating unhealthy or convienience foods has become the norm, could help counteract all of those artery-clogging, diabetes causing foods in the average diet.

Daily we face the stresses of our careers, families, friends and finances. Much of our environment is polluted with chemicals that seep into our skin or are inhaled. Medical care is expensive, invasive, and often times dangerous. With every disease comes a pill – a concoction of drugs with a rainbow of side effects. The rate of disease has been on the rise and the stories of cancer, diabetes and other serious health problems have become morbid routine in our lives.

Why now are we experiencing such a large increase in these life-threatening diseases? What is causing our health problems? Research, both past and recent, shows these diseases are caused by underlying problems linked to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.

The concept is that our bodies are made of cells.  These cells need specific nutrients in order to do their jobs.  If these cells are given the correct combination of nutrients – or the tools required to do their jobs, they will thrive.  In this case the body is in a state of balance and is healthy.  If these cells do not receive the correct combination of nutrients required, they will become weak and possibly malformed.  This will lead the body into a state of “dis-ease”  and will be unhealthy.


Nutrients come from what we eat.  Everything we put into our bodies supplies our cells with the tools for our daily life.  If we choose to supply our cells with live, fresh nutrients in the correct combinations, we receive all building blocks needed for a healthy and long life.  If we, however, flood our bodies with dead, unusable, or modified nutrients we become prime candidates for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Of course, none of us desire to be unhealthy.  We do not wake up every morning setting the intention to lead ourselves down the path of disease.

Many times it is those choices which we make with no thought at all that add up to illness and an unhealthy life – those quick, easy meal choices, or our diet-cheats that occur a bit too often.  The small daily choices are what create our health, the shape of our bodies, and the state of our spirits.  Wonderfully, however, it is the small, daily choices that can carve a healthy body, sharp mind, and peaceful spirit as well.


The best way to begin healing our bodies is to provide them with the correct nutrients – the tools cells use to live and do their jobs.  This means providing our bodies with enough of the right proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


“You are what you eat.”  The phrase has been floating around since the 1800’s, and seems to be proving itself true. When we give ourselves raw, organic, non-gmo) foods, our bodies become stronger, more lean, and more able to fight disease.


The most abundant sources of these nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables.  They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients.  They are powerhouses of nutrition and require very little energy to digest, even if you have weak digestion.  When consumed raw, they have powers of disease prevention and healing.  With the large variety of fruits and vegetables available, come also the wide variety of nutrient combinations.


In our modern world, we have very busy schedules. Are we really expected to sit down to a salad five or six times a day? Many days, our lives demand fast and easy meals in between a long schedule of activities. One of the best ways to infuse your body with live, organic enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients, and still have time to pick up the dry cleaning, is with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.


Juicing the fruits and vegetables condenses the nutrients into a small amount of liquid.  For example, it takes 8 or 9 large oranges to make 32 oz of orange juice.  Your stomach would be incredibly full after eating 9 oranges.  A 32 oz juice, though, is a little more reasonable – especially with it’s immune-boosting nutrients and natural calcium.

There are many ways to combine fruit and vegetable juices in order to create delicious and healthy drinks.  Leafy greens (which include kale, spinach, collards, and lettuces) can be combined with apple, orange, mango, lemon, ginger, pineapple, or coconut… the list is much longer.  All of these options contain natural sources of essential nutrients and the enzymes needed to digest them.

So the Juice Journey begins. It’s one step on a path to a healthy body, capable of accomplishing great things – supplying our bodies with the correct nutrients in order to carry out the daily activities.  When we do that, we will be able to approach our days with more energy and peace of mind  knowing we are doing what we can to live our lives in a healthy way.

Written for Organic Tree Juice Bar in 2014.


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