Kids grow their own food for school lunch

Kids grow their own food for school lunch

“We’re trying to get schools back to being self-sustaining and we’re tying to get agriculture and its cultural relevance back into their education.” – Danielle Jones, Malama Kauai. Continue reading Kids grow their own food for school lunch

Principal removed from post

Principal removed from post

Note: This is the last in a three-part series that tells the story of an elementary school principal removed from her post due to parents protesting in the parking lot. 

Step one, done.

That’s what the Save Hanalei School group said about Superintendent Bill Arakaki’s decision to remove Hanalei Elementary principal Lisa McDonald from the school effective yesterday.

“We are grateful that Arakaki decided to make the right decision and reassign Ms. McDonald and we wish her all the best,” said Julie Mai, the parent of a first grade student at Hanalei. “Our goal was new and better leadership.”

McDonald has been reassigned to the district office pending an investigation after three days of sign-holding rallies at the entrance of the school’s parking lot.

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Interrupting Education

Interrupting Education

Note: This is the second in a three-part series chronicling the removal of a Hanalei Elementary School principal from her post due to protesting parents. 

The number of protesters outside of Hanalei Elementary School is growing and the number of students present in the combined kindergarten and first grade class has dwindled, according to parents.

The kids missing from school all have one thing in common – they’re in the combined class that has been the point of contention between the school’s principal, Lisa McDonald and a group of parents, teachers, and community members that want her to resign.

“It’s been a mess,” said Julie Mai, who has a daughter in the combined class. “There’s been no communication between Principal McDonald and all of us parents and no plan for moving forward.”

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Protesting the principal

Protesting the principal

Note: This is one of three stories chronicling the removal of a Hanalei Elementary Principal from her post due to parents protesting outside the school. 

Lisa McDonald, Hanalei Elementary School principal, stood outside of the school Thursday morning, shoulder-to-shoulder with Superintendent Bill Arakaki, watching protesters line the entrance to the parking lot.

The group of around 65 people, held signs that said things like “new leader now”, “Lisa must go”, and “we need answers”.

The protesters are part of a group of teachers, parents and community members who are unhappy with the decisions and leadership style of Principal McDonald. They’ve held two community meetings, one on Monday and a second on Wednesday to discuss the matter. More than 50 people attended each of the meetings.

“It’s horrifying [to see them out there],” McDonald said. “I knew there were concerns, but I thought that we were on a good path.”

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