Reggae Festival brings legends to Kauai

Reggae Festival brings legends to Kauai

Aston Barrett Jr. just returned to Florida from a Wailers reunion tour in Brazil, but the Jamaican musician is gearing up for another show and he said he’s looking forward to a little love from Kauai.

“The reunion tour was wicked, some of the original guys were there,“ Barrett said. “And on Kauai, it’ll be peace, unity and aloha. It’s going to be good.”

Barrett is just one of the artists that will be coming together for the second annual Reggae for Life music festival, set to take over CJM Stables on Saturday. He’s part of the band Reggae Force, which is one of four groups that will grace the stage.

Reggae Force is a relatively new group, comprised of roots veterans Junior Jazz, Peter
“Pan” Williamson, Barrett, and Alaina Reed. They’re currently wrapping up their first full album, Unincorporated.

He decided to join Reggae Force as a way to branch out from his work with his father Aston “Family Man” Barrett and the Wailers. Barrett Sr. played with Bob Marley and the Wailers until Marley

Reggae Force debuts their new track “Ja Calling” at Reggae For Life on Kauai.

died in 1981. He and Barrett Jr. still work with the band.


“Once my father retires, than they want me to take over the Wailers, but I want something separately as well,” Barrett said. “When I met Alaina she said she always wanted a band, so I said alright, let’s find a keyboard and a singer.” Continue reading “Reggae Festival brings legends to Kauai”

Puttin’ the bass in Buti

Puttin’ the bass in Buti

Rebecca Hart teaches a fusion of tribal dance and power yoga designed to transform and heal women from the inside out. She’s taking it to the mainland for festival season 2016 and she’s bringing her own bass with her.

That’s because Hart has just wrapped up producing a five-track album with Steel Pulse’s574a9c5fe00f5.image David Elecciri Jr., and she’s going to use the music in the classes she’ll be teaching nationwide.

Hart teaches Buti Yoga, named with the Indian Marathi word that means “a hidden cure.” It’s setting women all over the world on fire for themselves, creating a space where women can experience their own individual power and encourage one another at the same time.

The intense workout also has a formidable reputation for reshaping women’s bodies.

“It’s created specifically for women to heal from the inside out and it stimulates your endocrine system,” Hart said. “You sweat so much, and you really dig in and really move with Buti.”

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An Amazing Ride

An Amazing Ride

Leilani “Lei” Matsumoto Texeira was born out of tragedy.

She took root in the imagination of Kauai-raised author Toby Neal when Neal was working as a counselor at a middle school on Maui. While she was there, two girls from the high school drowned and she was part of the crisis grief response team.

Initially, the deaths were deemed to be homicides. Later, police said the girls accidentally drowned while swimming in the sugar cane irrigation tunnels. Neal said she admired how the police handled the situation, but she had a thirst to find the truth behind the deaths for herself.

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Becoming Poppins

Becoming Poppins

Erin Gaines has been an heiress and an orphan. She’s been a fairy and a nurse.

Tonight, and for the next three weekends, she’ll be a lady who can fly while holding an umbrella.

“I’m honored to be playing Mary Poppins,” the Kauai actress said. “She’s an iconic character that teaches such great lessons — for kids to behave and parents to spend time with their children.”

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