Sailing solo across the Pacific

Sailing solo across the Pacific

Margie Woods  was extatic to see her family when she set foot on the beach in Hanalei, Hawaii.

All of them were equally as excited. They’d been waiting for her to sail “Hunani,” her 34-foot Catalina sailboat into the bay for hours.

Margie Woods greets her father, “Woody” Woods in Hanalei.

Maggie Woods, Margie’s mother, said it was as if she were awaiting a birth as she stood at the edge of Hanalei Pier in July, watching her daughter anchor off-shore, and Margie agreed.

“This whole experience was really a rebirth for me,” she said, standing firmly on the ground 18 days after launching from San Francisco Bay.

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Creating beauty

Creating beauty

For Gilles and Louda Larrain, life is magic, and that magic is comprised of light, texture, music and movement.

They’re finding that magic to be abundant in Kauai, where they’ve spent the last three years working on a project that marries humanity and nature — a project that combines Louda’s forte for fashion with Gilles’ pre-eminent photography.

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An Amazing Ride

An Amazing Ride

Leilani “Lei” Matsumoto Texeira was born out of tragedy.

She took root in the imagination of Kauai-raised author Toby Neal when Neal was working as a counselor at a middle school on Maui. While she was there, two girls from the high school drowned and she was part of the crisis grief response team.

Initially, the deaths were deemed to be homicides. Later, police said the girls accidentally drowned while swimming in the sugar cane irrigation tunnels. Neal said she admired how the police handled the situation, but she had a thirst to find the truth behind the deaths for herself.

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Becoming Poppins

Becoming Poppins

Erin Gaines has been an heiress and an orphan. She’s been a fairy and a nurse.

Tonight, and for the next three weekends, she’ll be a lady who can fly while holding an umbrella.

“I’m honored to be playing Mary Poppins,” the Kauai actress said. “She’s an iconic character that teaches such great lessons — for kids to behave and parents to spend time with their children.”

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