Series: Legalizing Cannabis

As Oregon introduced legal recreational marijuana, I was reporting in the beautiful little town of Ontario, Oregon – the seat of Malheur County. The following is the unique town’s perspective of the situation, from August 2015 through July 2015.

This is the dispensary in Ontario, Oregon central to the time frame these stories were written. This photo is from an article printed in The Argus Observer in July 2015.

Click the links below to read the articles:

To ban or not to ban was written March 2015. Itbegins the saga with a story about how the City Council was feeling toward dispensaries with the impending May 1, 2015 deadline for medical dispensaries to be able to open their doors anywhere in Oregon.

Medical dispensaries have to wait until August 1 to open talks about the City Council’s decision to extend the moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries from May 1, 2015 another three months.

City officials confused about fun pot rules is a story that talks about how the City Council has questions about recreational marijuana, as it is gearing up for the July 1 legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon.

Pot protest and Marijuana march are two articles that detail pro-marijuana demonstrations in the city while the Council was making its decisions.

Oregon city bans marijuana dispensaries is the story of the City Council deciding to ban all dispensaries from city limits. The decision took place in one meeting in front of a packed house. Most of the attendees were rallied by Ontario Police Chief and two key Ontario residents – all of whom were anti-marijuana.

Learning the laws outlines the new pot laws in Oregon. The story came out days before the state of Oregon legalized recreational marijuana and it explains what is legal, what’s illegal, and what is still unknown about how to responsibly use marijuana within the permitters of society.

Smoking and working tells folks that they can still get fired from their jobs if they sparked up that joint – even though Oregon says it’s legal.

Fears smolder over pot grows takes outlines the worries of Ontario Fire Chief Al Higinbotham. He talks about the potential fire hazards that come along with marijuana grow operations and highlights the fact that the department doesn’t have the right to enter residences that could be grow sites without a valid reason.


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