Favorite Articles

We all have those favorite articles; the ones that we know were solid pieces and told good stories. Here’s a few of mine:


Juicing Untangled teaches readers how to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices for detoxes or to add into daily life.

Combatting allergies naturally features suggestions on natural allergy remedies from a registered nurse who has opened up her own natural supplement store.


Electronic education won first place in the education division of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s 2015 Better Newspaper Contest. It talks about the use of technology in the classroom and the challenges, as well as the benefits it brings to kids, families, and teachers.

Aiming to make a difference tells the story of Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps and their mission to get kids outside. The camp, located in Weiser, Idaho, is spearheaded by Arianne Zucker and her brother, Todd Zucker.

Vale district mum on superintendent mishap chronicles the resignation of a school district superintendent after an intoxicated driving investigation. There were a total of three stories and one small brief written on the subject. This story was published on  Februray 20, 2015.  A follow-up story was published on March 12, 2015. One more follow-up story was published on April 14, 2015. 

Residency not required is a story about a group of folks from Ontario, Oregon who are of the opinion that in order to work at the city’s school district, employees – or at very least administration – should live within district boundaries. They approached the school board, requesting them to create a policy mandating the idea.


Second body found at duplex announces the death of another homeless person  at the same address in two years.

Man who lit himself on fire had PTSD is an update on the story of Ramon Fry, a student at Treasure Valley Community College who allegedly dumped gasoline on himself and lit it on fire. He was also the victim of an attempted murder in 2012.

2nd victim in rape case comes forward is the sad story of a 19-year-old man who raped at least three young women, all around the ages of 13. He targeted them using Facebook.

Family mourns after house fire is the story of a 18-year-old boy who died in a house fire and his parents, who were both severly burned in the fire.



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